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I’m Tired……

I’m tired.  Really tired.  Not so much physically as emotionally and mentally.  It takes a lot out of you to deal with a crazy person on a regular basis.  Especially when said crazy person is your ex.  -.-

I’ve moved on with my life – new house, new boyfriend, new lifestyle…..  But the ex is like that gross gum you find stuck to the bottom of your shoe.  It’s nasty and disgusting, and won’t quit clinging to your shoe, no matter how hard you try to scrape it off.  Oh, sure, you try the ice cube trick (doesn’t work), you try scraping it off with a knife (no luck), you research ‘gum removal’ on the internet.  And after several hours, you realize that you are just going to have to keep walking with the gum on your shoe, and hope that at some point, it decides to stick to something else.

Like anyone, I have good days and bad.  Good days are ones where I live my life, pursue my goals and dreams, and don’t have to deal with his continued insanity.  Bad days are ones where I get multiple messages from him, threats from him, his creditor’s notices via email/mail, or when he decides to share his insanity and does something stupid, irresponsible, and/or downright mean to our children.

Those are the days when I’d like to be able to reach through the phone and strangle him.  I get that he hates my guts.  I get that he wishes I’d drop dead.  (He’s actually said those things to me, btw.)  I don’t care.  If it wasn’t for my kids, I could simply pretend that he doesn’t exist (and let’s be honest, some days I try to do that anyway).

I suffer from guilt over the divorce.  Not because I think I made a bad decision (well, not over the divorce), but because my children continue to suffer under his hand, even though I have (mostly) escaped from it.  It’s terrible to watch them try to navigate their way through his insane minefield of mind games and emotional abuse.  Hell, even I have trouble with it, and I can tell him to go f*** himself.

It’s sad, really.  I try to get them to understand that he is sick, that he needs help, that the way he acts isn’t normal.  How can your children understand that one of the people who is supposed to love them most in the world is so filled with self-loathing and hate that he lashes out at the very people who love him most?  Not that he would ever be able to admit that any of what I just said is true.  He would deny reality and replace it with his own version.  Truth and facts don’t matter to him.  Only winning.  The really stupid part is that there isn’t a game to be ‘won.’  There are only children who are learning that their father is a mean, hateful, sick liar.

Unfortunately for him (and fortunately for my children), they are beginning to see him for what he really is – someone they don’t want to be around, someone who makes you feel bad in order to make himself feel better.

You reap what you sow.  Maybe someday he’ll learn that lesson.

Has Anyone Seen My Motivation?

It’s Monday.  I used to like Mondays.  Now I have absolutely no use for them.  They are a constant reminder that I need to find something meaningful to do with my life.

Now, don’t get me wrong – I have plenty of meaningful things in my life – my children, my boyfriend, my family.  But on Mondays when everyone else heads to work and/or school, I find myself at loose ends and looking for things to do.  I have tons of things I should be doing – laundry, cleaning, paying bills, exercising, playing my Facebook games, writing, etc.

But instead I usually find myself sitting in front of the computer and whiling away the hours aimlessly.  Blogging has helped (if only because I can claim I accomplished something by writing a blog post).  Even then, however, I find myself reading blog after blog and wishing I was that funny, that sarcastic, that hilarious, that….whatever.

I guess I am one of those people who need ‘external’ motivation in order to be (more?) productive.  For example, I would love to learn more about Photoshop, learn a second (or third, or fourth) language, learn more about computers, web design, learn to belly dance – but I can’t seem to motivate myself to actually pursue any of those things. I’ve looked for online courses, self-teaching courses, etc., and still here I sit, no further than I was months ago on any of these goals.

I think I am suffering from a fear of failure.  Which is weird for me, because I never used to worry about failing.   If I did, I picked myself up and moved on to the next thing.  I don’t know if my divorce affected me more than I realized, but I am terrified to put myself out there anymore.  What if someone doesn’t like what I do/say/write?  Sure, I’m writing this blog, but I am doing so mostly anonymously (did I mention my ex was crazy?).

Mondays are hard.  Mondays are like having a January 1 every week.  Every Monday I say ok, self, today you are going to accomplish SOMETHING.  Or at least make some steps toward accomplishing something.  And a week later, on the next Monday, when I am giving myself the same speech, I feel terrible for not having had enough motivation to accomplish something the previous week.

I’ve considered hiring a personal trainer.  Maybe what I need is a personal ‘motivator.’  Has anyone seen one of these?  Or know where I can find one?

I Love Technology……But It Doesn’t Love Me Back

I love technology.  Most days.  I’m sitting here in my car, using my cell phone as a mobile hotspot, and blogging away on my laptop.  Sure, I’m getting a few strange looks as people walk by, but who cares??  I’m doing what I want, where I want – well, for the most part, anyway.

When it works, technology is great.  When it doesn’t, it’s Katie bar the door, Whoa, Nellie!, and woe betide any IT person who can’t fix what needs fixed – like yesterday! (Where do these expressions come from anyway?  What the heck were Katie and Nellie doing, and ‘woe betide?’ Is that from Shakespeare?)

But I digress.  I’ve been having some problems with my home internet recently.  My service is intermittent and I keep getting ‘time out’ errors – even for something as simple as checking email.  (Something I do frequently – did I mention I have at least 5 email accounts?)  It’s very frustrating.  How can I play FarmVille if I have to refresh my browser every 5 min???  (I don’t really play FarmVille – or any of the other -Ville games out there.)

Yesterday I found out that my ISP has been bought out by another company and that over the next few months, they will be doing upgrades that will boost my speeds by 15X.  (No, I don’t have dial-up, but many days it seems like that would be faster.)  I told them about my connectivity problems.  They very nicely responded by telling me to ‘power-cycle’ my modem.  For those of you who don’t speak ‘IT,’ that’s a fancy way to say turn it off and then on again and see if that helps.  Why can’t they just say that??  Does it make them feel smarter to say ‘power-cycle’ and then have the person they’re supposed to be helping go, “Whaaaa???”

It was annoying.  Partially because that’s the same crap answer you get from most IT people when you tell them your computer/laptop isn’t working correctly.  “Have you rebooted it?”  Really?? After graduating from college with a degree, your best advice to me is to reboot????  It’s like having your TV repairman ask you if the TV is plugged in.  -.- (Just a little ‘anecdote’ for illustrative purposes – who actually repairs a TV anymore? You just buy a new one, right?)

Anyhoo – I plan to ‘power-cycle’ my modem later today, when I’m back at home.  Cross your fingers that it works.  Maybe I’ll get rid of the cable internet and just use my phone.  It likes me.  Most days.


Random Observations…..

Today is one of those days where I’m having trouble motivating myself to do anything.  Well, not just today – for the last several days.  I have all kinds of stuff I should/could be doing – laundry, cleaning, paying bills, exercising, renewing my Driver’s License….  Those all sound like fun, right?  So why I can’t I seem to motivate myself to get any of them done?

I try to motivate myself by saying, “Self – if you get 2 loads of laundry done and exercise for 30 minutes, then you can play on your Facebook games for an hour without feeling guilty!” And my self replies, “But I can just play on my Facebook for 2 hours and have more fun!”  Sigh.  It’s hard to be motivated when your Self doesn’t want to listen.

I read somewhere last week that when you have dreams about certain people, it’s because they miss you.  I keep having dreams about my ex.  That’s not weird, right?  Because I certainly DON’T miss him.

I checked Yahoo! today to see if there were any more ‘death hoaxes’ from Twitter.  I couldn’t find any, so apparently people who use Twitter had better things to do.

I did see a story where an actor was upset over a billboard dealing with diabetes.  Apparently several years ago he got paid to do a photo shoot and he signed a waiver, thereby releasing the photographer to do whatever he wished with the photos.  Said photographer sold them to a stock photo company, where the photo was found by the diabetes campaign people.  (They are campaigning AGAINST diabetes, not FOR it, just in case that wasn’t clear.)

In the photo, they used Photoshop to make it appear that the actor’s leg had been amputated.  The actor is upset because he is afraid that prospective future employers will think he is actually missing a leg.


I would think when he showed up for an audition with two good legs, the situation would be solved.  Unless he plans to go to auditions calling for actors with only one leg?  If that’s true, then who’s the real victim here?

This would be an example of why I hate dealing with people.  If you haven’t seen the film ‘Idiocracy,’ you should.  That’s where we’re headed, folks.  I’d like to think Darwin had it right (‘survival of the fittest’ and all that), but I’m afraid not.

If you know who Darwin is, stand up.  (Assuming you have two good legs, of course.)


P.S.  This post is in no way meant to offend anyone – amputees, diabetics, actors, Darwinians (yes, that’s right – look it up), and/or any other group.

I wish I was this funny.
Old Gumbo Jefferson, Cheesecake Bacon Butter, and Jaded ‘Chuck Norris’ LeLoserishistory

Mikalee Byerman

You’ve all seen ’em before: The “What’s Your (fill-in-the-blank) Name” games that make their rounds on Facebook and throughout the vast social media-sphere (media-verse? media-laxy?).

And really, they’re annoying.

If by “annoying” I mean “addictive.”

For example, one of my favorites is the “What’s Your Porn Star Name” game. Which, oddly enough, has the same rules as the “What’s Your Drag Queen Name” game. And as you’ll soon see, the latter definitely works way better for my particular moniker.

Anyhow, the rules: In order to figure out your porn star name, you take the name of your first pet as your first name, and then the name of the first street you lived on as a child as your last name.

Wilbur was my first pet (no, not as in “Some Pig.” He was a parakeet. Don’t ask.).

Southhampton was my first street.

Hence: Wilbur Southhampton.

Who wouldn’t want…

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Cher Is Not Dead….But I Might Be

So, I’m surfing the web this morning and checking email (I have like 5 email accounts – is that weird?), when I stumble across a Yahoo! headline – “Cher is not dead.”  What??

It seems that in this era of ‘social media,’ some people think it’s hilarious to start ‘death hoaxes’ about celebrities.  Really?  You have nothing better to do with your time than misreport someone’s death?

Now, I like Cher.  Always have.  I grew up listening to her music (my mom loved her too) – ‘Gypsies, Tramps, and Thieves’, ‘Dark Lady’, and ‘Half-Breed’ were music staples in my house.  Still are.  I even got to see her in concert once (a pretty big deal, because I live in a state that doesn’t rate high (or at all) on most performers list of stops).

All the hoopla got me thinking about another article I read last night – about companies who are doing away with resumes and instead looking at the ‘online presence’ of their prospective employees – Facebook, MySpace (people still use this?), LinkedIn, Twitter, Tumblr, Flickr, and whatever other ‘-r’ sites people use these days.

It concerned me.  Don’t get me wrong – I totally see why companies are interested in people’s online activities – you can tell a LOT about a person just from their Facebook page – things that you would never learn from a resume or even in a job interview.  But what about people who don’t have an ‘online presence’ – either by choice or necessity?

There are people who simply don’t want to spend large amounts of time online.  I fight that battle with my kids.  My teenager would rather sit in front of the computer and ‘talk’ to friends (a term I use loosely, since often they have never actually met) than go out and actually do something WITH friends.  I will get a text message rather than a phone call (which annoys me – you can accomplish so much more so much faster when you actually SPEAK to someone, rather than texting back and forth).

When did face-to-face interactions get supplanted by email/text/IM?  I have a love/hate relationship with email.  I love that it makes everything so much faster.  I hate that email is so often misread or misinterpreted by the receiver.  I consider myself a ‘wordsmith’ (is that a word?) and when I write, I make sure that my meaning is as clear as I can make it.  I usually read emails at least three times before I hit ‘send.’  Even then, sometimes people misinterpret what I say.

Some people do not have an online presence out of necessity – those who have been stalked, for example.  If you know there is a crazy person out there trying to get his hands on any kind of information about you, why would you purposely put things out into cyberspace, making it easy for him to do so?  So now you might also lose out on a job because you’re trying to protect yourself and your family?  That seems crazy.

Maybe I should start an online ‘death hoax’ for myself.

But first I’d have to get a Twitter account…..


It Sounds Like a Duck…….

Life seems like it’s been in a mad rush for the last several days.  The crazy ex has gone into overdrive and I’m feeling a little out of control.  Kind of ironic, given the title of my last post!  It’s very difficult – check that – it’s almost impossible to just sit back and wait for others to decide your fate (or the fate of your children).  It’s not impossible, because I’m doing it, but – IT SUCKS.

I never expected to end up divorced.  Oh, I thought about leaving – thousands of times.  But I stayed – because I thought that was best for my kids.  And now that I am divorced (thank you, Jesus!), I am forced to sit back and wait for other people (some of whom have never even MET my children) to decide what happens to them (and therefore, me).

Is it any wonder that there are days where I want to strangle the daylights out of some of those people?!

I need a remote – so I can fast forward through the waiting…..  I’ve never been a patient person, and this situation has pushed me to the breaking point on more than one occasion.  I feel like I should start a support group – the IDACP – “I Divorced a Crazy Person.”  Think anyone would come to the meetings?  Complimentary donuts and restraining orders provided?

Speaking of stalkers – what another crazy situation.  I’d always thought we’d come so far when it came to stalking and other issues like that – given the publicity you see on TV and other media.  Actual reality, however, looks nothing like reality TV.  Shocking, right?! Turns out (at least where I live) that getting a restraining order is akin to an act of God.  My ex harassed me via phone (I eventually blocked his number at my home phone, but couldn’t on my cell, due to possible emergencies with our children).  He harassed me via text (threatening jail, threatening arrest), he harassed me via email (I could count on receiving at least 3 emails day – and usually it was more like 10), he harassed my family and friends via email and phone, he followed me around town – videotaping me and the people I was with.  It SOUNDS like stalking, right?  It LOOKS like stalking, right?  Apparently here, even if it LOOKS like a duck, WALKS like a duck (did I mention he walks like a duck?), and SOUNDS like a duck, chances are it’s NOT a duck.


It seems that here, there must be a threat of actual PHYSICAL violence before the authorities will get involved.  So I have to wait until he actually shoots me before I can get a restraining order.  Awesome.  -.-   Thank goodness I had the means to have a security system installed.  Oh, and I moved to another nearby town.  Good thing the police are looking out for me!  Nice to know my taxpayers dollars are keeping my stalker safe!

I’m not bitter, though – do I sound bitter?  I’m frustrated, not bitter.  In some ways, he actually did me a favor.  I had no idea how strong I could be.  Now I do.  I wasn’t sure I could survive on my own.  Now I know I can.  I wasn’t sure I could recover from 15 years of emotional abuse.  I did.  I had no idea how much of a fighter I could be.  Now I do.  And I intend to keep on fighting – for my children.  I am incredibly lucky to have people in my life who understand my situation (and that fact that my ex is a sociopath) and even more lucky that a few of them are in a position to make a difference for my children.

So, while I wait, I am thankful that I am where I am.  Even on the days that it sucks, it’s STILL better than where I was 3 years ago.  You live, you learn, right?  (Apologies to Alannis Morrisette.)



I’m In Control…….

Wow!  The last couple of days have been jam-packed for me.  Lots of things (good and bad) happening in my life, but I’m happy to say the good outweighs the bad, and I am on my way (I hope) to learning how to cope better with the bad.

Things with the crazy ex are starting to heat up – his regular insanity continues, but now therapists are involved, changes are being made, and a court date is looming.  Despite his craziness (or just plain meanness), my children are healthy and (mostly) happy, and that is what matters.  Things never move fast enough with the court system, and I have never been long on patience.

I am trying to remain positive (the glass is half-full, right?) and focus on the good things.  Things are going well between the boyfriend and me, we just found out he might have benefits through his job (it’s contract work, so that’s a real bonus!), we don’t have to worry about money, and I am having a blast blogging!

I am still new enough at this to get a real charge when I log in to post and I have comments waiting and new followers!!  I have posted previously about trying to find my voice and I think I doing just that.

There have been some things on my mind for a while, and today I heard some things that I had never really considered before.  The last few years have been very difficult (the divorce, new job, death of loved ones) and I have been trying to understand why (and how) I ended up where I am.  My sister always tells me that ‘God has a plan,’ even if we can’t see it.  In part because of her faith, I started going back to church myself, thinking I could find some answers.  I mean, God has all the answers, right?

But today the lesson centered around the question of whether or not God was truly in control.  If we have free will, how can he be in control?  And the lesson, for me, was not about whether God was in control, but about my choices.  I wanted someone to tell me that everything I’ve been through in the last few years wasn’t for nothing, that there was a reason for all the pain and suffering (mine and those I love).

After some discussion and thought, I don’t think God is in control.  He gave that up when he gave us free will.  He is, like me, a parent.  He wants me to do well and make the right choices, but he loves me enough to let me make some really stupid mistakes, using my free will.  I don’t want MY children to fail – but I also know that they have to make their own mistakes, and that I can’t live their lives for them.  Nor would they want me too.  If I did, it wouldn’t be THEIR lives.

And that was the REAL lesson I needed to learn.  Someone made the comment that if God controlled everything, we would lose our passion for living.  If everything is predetermined and you have no choice in anything, if someone else controls everything you do, would you want to live like that?  And suddenly I realized that I had lived like that – with my ex.

My ex wanted to control everything about my life (and still does).  He wanted to control where I worked, who I was friends with, how I spent my free time, what I ate, what I wore – everything.  I endured his emotional abuse and controlling ways for so long that I lost myself – and my will.  Towards the end of our marriage, I gave up.  I no longer made an effort to do things, because nothing I did was ever right.  When you can’t please someone, no matter what you do, eventually you give up – no matter how much you love them.  You reach a point where your soul can no longer take the pain.  You shut down.  You do only what you have to do to get through the day.

Towards the end of our marriage, my ex (convinced of his control over me), told me he wanted us to have an ‘open’ marriage – one in which he continued to deny his homosexuality while he tried to convince me that I could sleep with other men (with his encouragement), and bring them back home so he could sleep with them too.  The really sad part is that I tried to convince myself that his ridiculous idea would work.  It didn’t.  (Shocker, I know.)   I was not raised to believe that an ‘open’ marriage will work and I could not follow through with his, well – icky, plan.

What I realized today (a long way to get there, sorry), was that maybe I didn’t end up where I am because God has a plan for me that I can’t see.  Maybe I ended up where I am today because of free will – mine, my ex’s, and anybody else who was involved.  I could have chosen to leave my ex long ago – I chose to stay, even with our problems, because of our children.  When things got really bad, I realized that I was doing the kids more harm than good by staying and exposing them to my ex’s insanity.  So I chose to get out of the situation.

Now, that doesn’t mean that God doesn’t still have a plan for me.  He just has to constantly make adaptations to his plan, because I keep throwing him curveballs with my choices.  It’s one of the first times since I started going back to church that I left feeling better than when I came in.  I think I realized too that I had been looking for the wrong thing – if I could say I was where I was because of God, then I wasn’t to blame for anything that happened.  So, in a strange way, knowing that I am where I am because of my own choices (good and bad) made me feel better than thinking that I had absolutely no control over things.

So – with that new outlook, things actually look a lot rosier.  Rather than sitting back and waiting for things to happen to me, I know I can move forward, make choices, and cause things to happen.  I am losing that ‘victim’ outlook – that everything is out of my control.  I am becoming the person I have always wanted to be.

Part of that is my blogging.  I want to write, and this blog helps me to learn and grow as a writer.  So – keep the comments coming!!!  I promise I still have lots of craziness to share!!!!

Blogging ….. Is Hard

Blogging is hard……

When I started, I wanted to post everyday (a nice goal, but life often gets in the way).  I also wanted to post on a variety of subjects, but I find myself having trouble coming up with ideas for posts.  Well, that’s not strictly true – I usually want to write something about what has happened in my life (usually revolving around my crazy ex), but I didn’t want my blog to focus on him and his craziness/idiocy.

All the literature I’ve read says you should blog about something you’re passionate about.  That last sentence sounds weird – should it be ‘something about which you are passionate’?  It’s more grammatically correct, but I sound like Winston Churchill.  Anyway, I find myself again unsure of which direction to take.  Do I let the insanity of my ex take over the blog (this is a learning experience, right?) or do I refocus and try to force myself to go in a different direction?

I really want to be a writer.  I have written for years, mostly for my own benefit, but now that I have been blogging, I find myself wanting to write more and more.  The feedback is a terrific high – whether it’s just a ‘like’ or a comment, or even a reblog (which turned out to be spam, sigh), I get a real kick out of it.  The thought that someone read something I wrote and liked it enough to comment makes me giddy (I’ve even done the ‘happy dance,’ much to the chagrin of my children).

So, now that I know I like it, where do I go from here?  I’ve read that the most successful blogs are ones where the writers found a ‘niche’ and made themselves successful.  However, I like a lot of different things, and I would like to write about most of them – divorce, kids, writing, reading, book reviews, weight loss, cooking, teaching – the list is almost endless.

I think for this blog, which I set up with the sole purpose of being a trial, I will just let go and see what happens.  Maybe I’ll start another blog to write about some of the other issues I’m interested in.  (Or is it ‘in which I am interested’?)  Anyway, as I sit here on this cold, dreary morning, listening to Hugh Laurie on the piano, I find myself waxing too philosophical, I think.

Stay tuned.  As a good friend often tells me, everything will be as it is supposed to be.  A very Yoda-esque statement, right?  Maybe it should be ‘As it is supposed to be, everything will be.’  That sounds more like Yoda, yes?

*My apologies to Yoda and his creators – no copyright infringement is intended

So You Think You Can Teach…….

This post is random, but that’s what my blog is – deal with it!  Seriously, this is a topic I have been kicking around for a while, and something I will probably expand on – either here or elsewhere.

I always wanted to be a teacher.  I used to line up my stuffed animals and play ‘teacher’ with them.  Of course, they were much quieter pupils than any of the ones I had in my classroom!!  When I went to college, I took one ‘Elementary Teaching’ course and changed my mind.  I mean, drawing our names with crayons?? In college?? Seriously?? I’m paying through the nose for tuition so I can color??  What a joke.

So, I changed my major.  I graduated and went to work.  After 10+ years, I decided I’d had enough.  So, I turned back to teaching.  I enrolled in college and worked full-time while I went to night school.  I found a teaching job and thought, ‘Yeah!! I’m set for life now – I have a CAREER, not a JOB!!’  Little did I know.  -.-

The first couple of years were good, although they had their ups and downs.  When you’re a new teacher, they don’t expect a lot from you.  Keep your kids quiet, don’t bother the administration and you’re good.  I did and I was.  (I should point out here that my comments relate to my experiences as a public school secondary teacher (that’s 6-12 grades, for those of you who don’t speak teacher).)

After you have a couple of years under your belt, though – that’s when they get you.  You think you have a handle on most things (although there are still days when you want to pull out your hair), and then the principal comes to talk to you about (gasp!) – being a ‘sponsor.’  That’s administration-speak for “we want you to spend every waking minute doing extra work for next-to-no pay.”  Sounds awesome, right??!!

I was a class sponsor (where you got to do fun things like have class meetings after school), a cheer/dance sponsor (where you got to do not-fun things like show up at o’dark-thirty for practice every morning), a yearbook sponsor (where you got to show up at every OTHER event to take pictures and notes for stories), and, of course, those are just the student activities for which you are responsible.  Let’s not forget the ‘teacher’ activities you get roped into, like PD committee (continuing education), the leadership committee (you know more than the other teachers because you’ve survived this long, right?), and various other jobs.

Oh, sure, you get a ‘supplemental’ income (supposedly based on the amount of work for that extra activity).  What a complete load of crap.  Please don’t get me wrong – I had some really good times with the kids as their sponsor.  But the toll the extra work took on my personal life was sooooo NOT worth it. And I certainly wasn’t getting rich – $300 for class sponsor?  $1000 for showing up to every basketball/football game (just like the FB and BB coaches, only they get paid WAAAAYYY more – like 15-20X more).

So, I worked my regular contract from 7:30am-3:30pm.  Did I also mention I had to eat with the students, so I only got 23 minutes for lunch (school lunch times/food – that’s a whole ‘nother post!!).  I showed up early for practice every day, so move back my arrival time to 6:20am.  Even on days when there wasn’t practice (maybe 2 months of the school year), I still arrived by at least 7:00am.  It was rare that I left school right at 3:30pm.  Most days, you stay late grading papers, entering grades, replying to emails, doing administration paperwork, or you have activities.  Work concessions for a football game, take the cheer/dance squad to a game (if it happened to be an away game, I might not get home until 11pm), go to a track meet for yearbook pictures, help chaperone a school dance, etc.  So suddenly my 8 hour job turned into a 16 hour one.  Which would have been great, if my income had also doubled.

It didn’t.

And so, after 5 years, I became one more statistic.  I left the teaching profession.  And I’m glad I did.  On top of the crap I’ve already listed (long hours, low pay), you get to put up with kids who think they can do no wrong and parents who are glad to back them up on that.

I don’t know about you, but when I came home with a bad grade, my parents wanted to know what I had done to deserve it.  You can be darned sure that there was no question that a bad grade was MY fault.  And it was MY job to fix it.  Nowadays, parents demand to know what the TEACHER has done to cause their children to get bad grades.  And you are pressured by the administration to keep the parents happy at all costs.

Let’s see – your child misses at least one class a week, rarely brings their materials to class, doesn’t pay attention in class, rarely turns in an assignment, and when he/she does, it is incomplete.  Oh, yeah, their grade is TOTALLY my fault.  -.-

I have friends who are teachers and they love what they do.  They have to – or they would quit in droves.  But – before you sign that contract, make sure you’ve done your homework.  The devil is in the details, right?  And like the devil, you don’t get the details until it’s too late.

Personally, I don’t see myself ever teaching for a career again.  Even at the college level, your classrooms are filled with students who expect YOU to do all the work while they reap all the benefits.  No wonder America is in the shape it’s in.



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